ESWOCHY 2021-2023 Application

Application process for EMJMD scholarships is CLOSED.
Deadline to apply to ESWOCHY programme for self-funded students: May 1st, 2020 (12:00 (GMT+2))

Please fill in the Online Registration form below. Make sure to fill in all fields. Application is free of charge.

We need you to fill in the Online Registration form to get your data into our database. The application form is targeted to the Consortium’s Joint Admission Committee, who will receive your whole application package for evaluation.

Please attach the required document in the right place. Name each PDF file with your name (if you have many names, please write your main name and then first letters of your names, surname and document title) for example: name_surname_CV.pdf; rosa.a.g_amoss.CV.pdf

    Personal details

    ESWOCHY applies a policy of equal opportunities for people with special needs.

    Academic degree(s)

    If you have more than one degree, fill in the information of the degree most relevant to ESWOCHY below

    Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Application

    Please familiarise yourself with the two different categories of Erasmus Mundus scholarships (Programme and Partner countries), before you select below. Applicants who apply for a scholarship will also be offered the possibility of self-funded admission if selected by the Consortium for admission, but not for a scholarship.

    Check if the 12-month residence rule applies to you:

    • If you are a national from a Partner country and have carried out your main activity (studies, training or work) for more than a total of 12 months over the last 5 years in one or several Programme country(ies), you should apply as Programme country candidate. The wording "total of 12 months" refers to all possible cases:
      • a single period in one Programme country
      • several periods in one Programme country
      • the sum of different periods in different Programme countries

      The 5-year reference period is calculated backwards from the EMJMD scholarship application deadline. This 12-month rule does not apply to Partner country candidates who hold refugee status in a Programme country.

    • If you are a national from a Partner country and the 12-month residence rule does not apply to you, you should apply as a Partner country candidate.


    I attach the following documents with my application (please select):

    Up-to-date curriculum vitae in Europass format;

    A proof of residence (residence certificate or a certificate from the applicant’s workplace,
    study institution or training institution; certified translation to English);

    A scan of an official Bachelor degree diploma or other equivalent University level higher education degree diploma;

    Scanned copy of the transcript(s) of course grades (with English translation if necessary) with official supplement listing courses taken and the respective grades (certified translation to English);

    Proof of English language competence: at least B2 level of the CEFR, assessments of English language proficiency certificates equivalent to level B2 (minimum requirements: official TOEFL (institutional tests are not accepted) with at least 88 points (internet-based test), 230 points (computer-based test) or 575 points (paper-based test), IELTS Academic with an overall grade of at least 6.5 or Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) with minimum level C;

    Motivation letter (max. 1000 words) including a description of the reasons for the application to the Programme;

    Scanned copy of a valid passport (only for EU citizens a scan of valid national ID will be accepted conditionally if the applicant does not have a passport at the time of application);

    Evidence of experience in the field of social work, voluntary work with children and youth etc. (if any).

    The title of the PDF-file must be: Your full name. The PDF should be one single file including the following documents in the specific order given below. You can
    use Adobe Acrobat or other software programs to create your PDF file.


    Please read the following declaration carefully. If you agree with the declaration, please submit the application. Unfortunately we are unable to consider your application if you do not agree with the declaration.